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7 Reasons to learn How to use a Kubotan now

flat ended kubotanAre you still thinking if the Kubotan is the right tool for self defense? Do you wonder what makes so many professionals recommend such a small pocket stick for self protection?

Here are 7 reasons that makes the Kubotan the right and the best tool to carry around with you for the job.


  1. The kubotan is lightweight, easy to carry and conceal, they are are highly accessible, very durable. This makes it an ideal tool to bring anywhere without attracting much attention to it.
  2. Kubotan is a keychain and that means you will never forget it home since you have your keys attached to it. What's better for self defense than a tool which you know you can always rely on being in your pocket.
  3. In spite of its small size, the Kubotan provides the required degree of force between hand defense techniques and the use of deadly force. It can be a very effective weapon to use to bring down an attacker. The great thing about Kubotan techniques is that they can be adjusted to match the situation, from just strengthening your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of an attacker's body and up to completely disabling strikes to sensitive areas in your attacker's body in critical situations.
  4. Every strike with the Kubotan hits a target. When you strike with the Kubotan, the amount of pressure exerted is forced into a small, very precise surface area, thus increasing the damage dramatically. You simply can not miss using the kubotan, every body part is a good target. As you learn to flow with it, you can easily shower your attacker with a combination of painful strikes in a matter of seconds to encourage him to stop his attack.
  5. Kubotan is easy to learn and can be taken with you everywhere. We are all busy and we don't need to spend hours learning complex motor skills of different martial arts. With a minimum of training, the Kubotan brings the possibility for any person to defend himself and equalize strength with a bigger attacker.
  6. The Kubotan is mostly legal around the globe to carry around.  With it's small size and solid material it can be carried around and used creatively for many daily life activities or survival situations.
  7. Lastly Kubotan is a very cheap tool, that doesn't tear down and its fun to play with and practice.

These were 7 reasons to make the Kubotan the best choice for normal people to learn quickly and smoothly.  It can literally improve your chances of ending an attack as soon it starts without the least possible damage to you or your attacker.